Ride4Bonim raised £150,000 which enabled us to purchase the plot of land.
Ride4Bonim raised £200,000 which helped the school purchase their current building from the Local Council.
Ride4Bonim raised £200,000 which enabled the school to extend the current building to cater for the new Boys unit which was so desperately needed.
Ride4Bonim raised £250,000 which has enabled the school to build a new classroom upstairs above our post 16’s area to house year 2 of special needs children. A full design and detailed planning application due to be submitted for upcoming new purpose built building. And it has helped the school acquired space within our existing building by buying out one of the anchor tenants from their lease, to provide more vital space for Aim Habonim Children
We raised £250,000 which has been used to fund the cost of architects and planning for our new building. Plans have been submitted to the Local Authority and we are awaiting approval soon!
Future Plans
We need to raise £6M over the next few years to ensure that Aim Habonim can build a purpose-built building to continue to deliver the vital education and services our special children need- and truly deserve.
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