About the ride

Sunday 10th July 2022
100KM Bikeathon
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The Route

The ride will start at Aim Habonim in Salford and run through beautiful areas around South Manchester. The route will be supported with trained marshals, paramedics and bike mechanics. There will be several organised pit stops stocked with appropriate food and drinks along the way, for riders to take a break, refresh and re-energise until the next pit stop. The route has been designed to be challenging and fun and will lead the riders through the beautiful English countryside.

Finish Line

The finish line will be an event where riders will be greeted by family and friends who will enjoy an entertaining carnival with activities and fun for all . All participants will experience the fantastic feeling of achievement as they are welcomed across the finish line. Riders are treated to an exclusive evening dinner to celebrate the achievements and hard work of completing the ride and raising the funds.

Can I Ride

If you are considering entering for the Aim Habonim bike ride, you must be:

  • Male, and over 18 years old
  • Fit enough to cycle a 100km route
  • Healthy and in good shape to ensure your safety throughout the ride
  • Adequately prepared for a full fun day of cycling

Please recognise that the ride is approximately 100km in length, a distance that is very difficult to complete in one session without prior training. We strongly recommend participants to ride at least 2-3 times weekly, until you are comfortable riding at least 50-60km.

Appropriate Clothing
  • Aim Habonim will provide cycling t-shirts for all participants.
  • Padded cycling shorts are recommended.
  • Participant must wear a cycling helmet.
  • Footwear should be light and comfortable.
  • Cycling gloves, seat covers etc – each cyclist should wear as he feels appropriate.
  • Water bottles are essential; you will be able to refill at the pit-stops along the route.
  • A bottle holder must be fitted to the bike.
  • Rain-proof jacket

If you intend to carry some essentials with you on your ride, we recommend getting an under-seat bag. Unless you intend to carry a lot, a backpack should be avoided as it will be uncomfortable and slow you down.

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